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About Asparagasm


Asparagasm launched in July 2012 in partnership with Disappearing Dining Club.

Working with chefs, venues, restaurants, guest brands and event partners Asparagasms are vegan and gluten-free dining extravaganzas where unusual sharing and creative interventions are encouraged and indulged. And yes, there will be no. fucking. risotto.

A ticket to Asparagasm includes a five-course fine dining vegan journey featuring seasonal and organic produce and house cocktails like the ‘Green Beast’ courtesy of Pernod Absinthe. The house drinks list includes vegan-method British beer and bubbles, biodynamic champagne and ethical new world wine brand ‘Running Duck’.

Asparagasm takes place monthly in the capital so connect with us on Facebook for event listings or sign up to the newsletter for updates and special announcements.


Asparagasm Vegan Dining Club from InSite Films on Vimeo.

Asparagasm is proud to sponsor:


TeenVGN is the social network for young Vegetarians and Vegans. Our aim is to give compassionate youngsters the opportunity to speak out, generate creative ideas and build them up to become enthusiastic advocates for the animals.



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Behind every good Asparagasm there are many people to thank.
Find out how they help give you the night of your life: